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Hi, I’m Brooke. I have always loved traveling, and living abroad has been a long-time dream of mine. After years of research and planning, my family and I moved from the US to Portugal in October 2021. We moved here sight unseen, and now we’re traveling around the country, trying to find where we want to settle down. We’re also trying to squeeze in some trips around Europe while we’re at it!

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2023 Travel Plans

Brrrr, it has been really cold in Portugal. It’s been an extra rainy year and we finally have a break from the rain, but it has been freezing. Literally! In the mornings when we walk the kids to school it has been 30 degrees (farenheight because I still don’t quite know celcius yet). It heats…


Whatever Kyle and Sofia had definitely caught up with me. Leo got sick before me, but luckily he got over it in less than 12 hours. I’m not as sick as I was in Bruges, but I’m still pretty sore and exhausted. Even so, we still got to see some of the Brussels Christmas Market.…


Our flight out of Lisbon ended up being delayed for 1.5 hours. So far any time we try to leave Portugal is not very good, lol. We missed our original train from Brussels to Bruges, but luckily they come every hour so we were able to make the next one. We were tired but wanted…