Growing Up Expat

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Hi, I’m Brooke. I have always loved traveling, and living abroad has been a long-time dream of mine. After years of research and planning, my family and I moved from the US to Portugal in October 2021. We moved here sight unseen and haven’t regretted our decision. We have been traveling, trying to figure things out here, and learning Portuguese!

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Road-trip to Nazare in our car!!

Our car is here! We were approved for the loan and one night the dealer let us know the car was ready for pick up. They had given us an insurance quote and we decided to go with the company they used since it would be easier. They gave us 3 quotes. I don’t remember…

I think we bought a car sight unseen

We moved to Portugal sight unseen. Moved to Leiria sight unseen. Signed a 3 year lease for the apartment sight unseen. So we might as well buy a car sight unseen too, right? We have been talking about buying a car for the past few weeks now. I have been pretty sick the past 2.5…

Disneyland Paris and Leo’s birthday, part 2

On Monday we headed to the main Disneyland park. We rented strollers, which I knew would be expensive but I definitely still had some sticker shock at €25 per stroller per day. In total we spent €100 on stroller rentals. I’m trying not to think about that 😂 We started in Fantasy Land, where a…