Growing Up Expat

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This is our experience moving from the US to Portugal, trying to figure things out, and raising our kids abroad.

After years of dreaming of living abroad, we finally decided to take the plunge! In October 2021 we moved to Portugal with our two kids and our dog Bailey.

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Today we finally left the house. Yay! We haven’t really been out since Setubal and we have been going a bit stir crazy. We have been wanting to go to Obidos, and since it’s a small town it seemed like a good place for our first outing in over a month. I know a lot … Continue reading Obidos

Almost 3 months in

Next week marks three months in Portugal. I spent well over a year dreaming about this, and I still can’t believe we have been here for three months already. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to enjoy it as much as we want. Since Christmas I have been battling something. For a few days it felt … Continue reading Almost 3 months in

Feliz Natal

Merry Christmas from Portugal! We actually aren’t doing anything to celebrate today, which makes me kind of sad, but things have been so hectic lately. The kids have so many toys (some haven’t even been unpacked yet!) that adding to the pile seems like too much right now. My goal was to be in Portugal … Continue reading Feliz Natal