Growing Up Expat

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This is our experience moving from the US to Portugal, trying to figure things out, and raising our kids abroad.

After years of dreaming of living abroad, we finally decided to take the plunge! In October 2021 we moved to Portugal with our two kids and our dog Bailey.

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Less than 6 weeks to go

I gave my notice at work tonight. My last day of work will be Friday, October 1 and moving day is hopefully going to be Monday, October 18. Less than six weeks until we leave. Putting in my notice has made it more real and also kind of scary. I’ve been at that job for … Continue reading Less than 6 weeks to go

Back in the Southern US

Well, we made it back to South Carolina two days ago. Whew, this humidity! I somehow forgot how humid it gets. It was nice getting to spend two weeks in the way cooler air of the Pacific Northwest. The flight home was so much better. Our first flight landed on time, so we had an … Continue reading Back in the Southern US