About Us

Hi, I’m Brooke. This is my family Kyle, Sofia, Leo, and our dog Bailey. I’m originally from California and Kyle is from Oregon. We met in Colorado and eventually decided to move to Florida. For a long time it was just us and our two dogs, Raina and Bailey. We really fell in love with traveling during that time. The more we traveled, the more we wanted to travel. In 2018 Sofia was born. We decided that we wanted to fulfill a lifelong dream of living abroad. After lots of research we finally decided on Portugal. We started to really work towards our goal by saving money and looking into what we would need for our visa. In the meantime, we moved to South Carolina and had Leo.

We originally planned on moving to Portugal in 2022, but unfortunately we had to put our older dog, Raina down in February 2021. She had an amazing life and lived to be 15.5 years old, which is great for a Golden Retriever. Just over two months later we had to put down our 18 year old cat. Losing them both so closely was really difficult, and we decided that it was time to leave. There was nothing keeping us in South Carolina anymore. We applied for our D7 visas in July 2021, got approved in August, and moved in October. We have never been there and really look forward to getting to know Portugal- the country, the food, the people. We’re also very excited to get to travel Europe. The thing I’m looking forward to the most is quitting my full time job and getting to spend more time with my kids.