Visiting Oregon and Sofia and Leo’s first flight

We’re still waiting to hear back about our visa applications. In the meantime, we flew to Oregon to visit my parents. Sofia and Leo had their first flights on Wednesday. it was a really long 8+ hour day. They did pretty well, though there were some meltdowns from all of us, lol. Once we boarded our first flight they told us that we would be delayed. We sat in the plane for an hour before takeoff. We came really close to missing our connecting flight in Denver. Trying to get to our gate in time was a pretty miserable experience and both of our suitcases broke. They lost some wheels. The doors were already closed by the time we made it, but that flight was delayed by about 10 minutes, which is why were were able to make it. 48 hours later and the memories are already fading since we have been having fun in Oregon.

Yesterday we checked out Amazon Park and today was Sofia and Leo’s first beach trip. We knew Sofia would love the beach. She loves the water and she has a lot of fun experiencing new things. At first Leo didn’t seem too into it, but I guess he was just checking things out because a few minutes later he was running all over the place and he ran right into the water. Sofia had a massive temper tantrum when we left. I’m pretty sure she wants to move to the beach.

The beach was right next to a town called Florence. I really liked it there. It had a really cute, walkable downtown area. We got lunch and then walked around a little bit. Eugene has been really hot. The day we got here it was in the hundreds, and it has been in the upper 90s ever since. The AirBnb we’re in doesn’t have air conditioning, so we have been pretty miserable in the rental. Florence and the beach were significantly cooler, so we’re really hoping to make it up there at least one or two more times before we leave.

Our property management company has been bugging us everyday that we have been here so far. I told them I was on vacation and asked if we could talk to them when we get back, but they’re pretty persistent. They sent an email saying that they won’t be renewing our lease, and all of the things we need to do to get our deposit back. We’re pretty sure our landlord is going to try to sell the house again. We never planned on renewing our lease, but it’s still kind of nerve wracking. As of October 31, we don’t have a place to live. We have an Airbnb rental in Sintra, Portugal starting on November 1. I’m really hoping we make it there by then. I know we have to be patient and just wait for word from the embassy, but we’re definitely ready to start planning and putting things into motion. We’re still hopeful that we will hear back from them in the next few weeks.

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